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April 23, 2021
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April 23, 2021
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Also currently airing Fridays @ 7:30pm on YTV

The Quest is yet to come!

Nickelodeon’s all-new 13-episode live-action puppet series The Barbarian and the Troll follows Evan, a bridge troll in search of excitement and a place to perform his songs. He finds adventure when he meets Brendar, a female warrior on a quest to avenge an attack on her family.

The show’s co-creators Mike Mitchell and Drew Massey and cinematographer Tyler Walzak, turned to VPA Growth Sponsor Finale Post / Picture Shop Vancouver and Senior Colourist Lorne Wright to handle the grade.

Conform was done in Blackmagic Resolve, where Finale’s finishing team could revise the cut with new visual effects, allowing for a seamless update during colour grading. There were over 200 visual effects shots per 30-minute episode done by VFX Cloud. Producers used Sohonet’s Clearview Flex and iPad Pros for remote grading sessions when required. Sound Post was performed by the talented team at VPA Corporate Member Sharpe Sound.

Brightlight Pictures Co-Producers: Jonathan Shore and Emanuel Pereira
Michelle Panchuk (Post Supervisor)

Finale Post / Picture Shop Vancouver: Stephen Tyler Fisher and Chris Ray (Dailies Colourists),
Chris Boettcher (Finishing Editor), 
Julia Niendorf (Finishing Producer), and
Lorne Wright (Senior Colourist)

Sharpe Sound : Kelly Cole, Bill Mellow, Sandra Portman and Joselyn Hernandez

The VFX Cloud: Brett Keyes and Scott Ko

Composers: Matt Mahaffey and Tish Mahaffey

Editors: Kye Meechan, Jamie Alain, and Adam Beamer

Assistant Editors: Bob Dewald, Dave Grave, and Sean Flotre