Sabrina Pitre (co-chair), Trevor Mirosh (co-chair), Kerry McDowall,
Keri Young,
Brad Goodman 


We are all things member related! This committee is always looking for ways to engage our membership and make sure everyone is getting the most out of their time with the VPA. We meet monthly to discuss new ideas for events and promos, as well as fine tune our existing member resources. We also strive to ensure we promote and celebrate the work and successes of each one of our members through the VPA newsletter we assemble and distribute each month. When it all boils down to it, our members are the VPA’s top priority and we are here working for you! If you have any ideas about how we can improve your experience, or would like to volunteer with the committee, please reach out and let us know.


Miguel Araujo (chair), Rick Cederlund, Humberto Corte, Eli Haligua,
Marena Dix, Marco Abrahams, Alex Runhaar, David Ramos


This committee aims to bring together our community, as well as provide support to the Board of Directors, in planning and executing all events for the VPA. These events may include, but are not limited to: social, educational, professional and diversity.



Keith White (Chair), Don Thompson, Brendan Smith,
Curtis Staples


The Sponsorship Committee builds and maintains relationships with individuals, organizations and companies in our community, in order to support the work of the VPA. These contributions help fund the work of our events and other committees, while maintaining the overall financial health of the organization. The support of our sponsors is also critical to creating and accessing speakers and content for our panels, workshops and other programs, while helping us reach broader awareness both within our community as well as externally.


Scott Watson (chair), Sabrina Pitre, BUKET BILESTyler Weiss,
Craig Berkey, ELI HALIGUA


Our commitment is to nurture emerging talent in the post production industry and find ways to support and grow their knowledge, professional network, and abilities.  By lifting up the next wave of post production creatives, we also help to grow and strengthen the talent pool, refresh the industry with new perspectives and ideas, and provide avenues for established professionals to give back to the community.

Diversity & Inclusion

Kerry McDowall (chair), Buket Biles, Humberto Corte, Haydn Wazelle, Arlein Garcia, Aren X. Tulchinsky


This committee primarily focuses on diversity within the membership and also advocates for opportunity and equity within our industry as a whole.  We believe it is extremely important to not just address racism and discrimination, but raise awareness to systemic racism that exists in all forms within our larger society. Our film and television industry still lacks proper representation and it’s never been more apparent than now that diverse voices matter in the creative arts.

Through the sharing of information, supporting discussions on diversity and equity, and promoting festivals, events or seminars with a diverse lens in mind, we are committed to creating channels where our membership can both learn and start conversations that will help everyone grow together as a more inclusive and stronger industry.

Marketing Coordinator