TUNE IN: Snowpiercer Season 2

Featured Member: Jane Diokpo
December 20, 2020
Featured Member: Marvin John Amin
January 22, 2021
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Premieres Jan 25 on TNT (US only)
January 26 on Netflix
The making of season two of Snowpiercer was as eventful as its events onscreen. Both shot and posted in Vancouver, the local team rose to the COVID-19 challenge by developing new workflows, instilling best practices for working remotely, and through doing so delivered a season of television that they are all extremely proud of.  This season was also made possible by the VPA Growth Sponsor Company 3 (Picture House), the VPA Corporate member Sharpe Sound (Sound House), Vaudeville (ADR), and Fusion Cine (Editing Equipment), who all worked tirelessly, under strict new safety conditions and still managed to go above and beyond all expectations.  Season two premiers in the US January 25th on TNT and January 26th internationally on Netflix.
The Snowpiercer Team can’t wait to share it with you!
Local VPA team members include:

Co-Producer: Victoria Burkhart
Post Supervisor:
Jaydene Maryk
Post Coordinators:
Buket Biles
and Christine McLeod
Jamie Alain and Justin Li
Sound Supervisor:
Sandra Portman
Music Supervisor:
Natasha Duprey
Re-Recording Mixer:
Kelly Cole

Colourist: Thor Roos
Foley Artist: Maureen Murphy
Sound Effects Editor: Gregorio J. Gomez
Series Dialogue & ADR Editor: Eric Mouawad
Project Manager Sharpe Studios: Laurie Melhus
Vaudeville ADR Manager: Mirko Vogel
ADR Mixer Miguel Araujo
ADR Assistant Eli Haligua

The Local Post Production crew also includes:

Assistant Editors: Kelvin Tseng, Cody McDonald, Rhea MacDonald Lilley and Lisa Kwon; Post PA: Taylor Johnson; Re-recording Mixers: Bill Mellow, Rob Coxford and Daniel Cardona; Assistant Sound Editors: Tony Rodney and Joselyn Hernandez; Online Editor: Joy Lin; Project Manager at Company 3: Marigna Bright; Walla by The Background; VFX Manager: Melody Mead; VFX Coordinator: Anita Milias, VFX Editor: Jordan Acomba, VFX Assistants: Natasha Gent and Anthony Poon; VFX by Image Engine, FuseFX and The Sequence Group.

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