GOOD NEWS: 2021 Leo Award Nominees

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May 23, 2021
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Congrats to our Leo Award Nominees!

Last year certainly had its challenges, but despite all the set-backs, delays, and cancellations, our post industry managed to adapt quickly and come back strong. Our members have been working hard and we are so proud to announce the incredible contributions they’ve made, as reflected in the sheer number of this year’s Leo award nominations.

Congratulations to all.  We wish each one of you the best of luck!

View a complete list of all 2021 Leo award nominees.

VPA Member Nominations:

Best Picture Editing – Motion Picture
Stein Myhrstad – A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting
Greg Ng – Sniper: Assassin’s End
Trevor Mirosh – The Ravine

Best Sound – Motion Picture
Jo Rossi, Vince Renaud – A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting
Brian Campbell, Chris Baker, Kelly Cole, Maureen Murphy, Sandra Portman – Little Fish
Greg Stewart, Ian Mackie – Sniper: Assassin’s End

Best Television Movie
Jonathan Shore – A Sugar & Spice Holiday
Jonathan Shore – Love, LIghts, Hanukkah!

Best Picture Editing – Television Movie
Kelly Herron – Sleeping With Danger
Mark Shearer – V. C. Andrews’ Pearl In The Mist
Lisa Binkley – Zombies 2

Best Score – Television Movie
Caleb Chan – A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado
Best Short Drama
Victoria Burkhart – Hunter’s Cabin
Paul Armstrong – Mr. James is Dead

Best Sound – Short Drama
Kirby Jinnah – Hekademia
Eli Haligua, Hennie Britton – Mr. James is Dead
Mario Vaira – Murphy’s Law

Best Dramatic Series
Todd Giroux – The Order
Todd Giroux – Warrior Nun

Best Picture Editing – Dramatic Series
Jon Anctil – 50 States of Fright – Red Rum: Part 1
Nicole Ratcliffe – Virgin River – Rumour Has It
Christopher Smith – Warrior Nun – Revelation 2:10
Lisa Jane Robison – You Me Her – Say Something, Say Anything

Best Visual Effects – Dramatic Series
Gillian Pearson – Project Blue Book – Operation Mainbrace

Best Sound – Dramatic Series
Greg Stewart – Siren – The Toll of The Sea

Best Sound – Feature Length Documentary
Chris McIntosh – The Magnitude Of All Things

Best PIcture Editing – Short Documentary
Aki Kettula – Creatures Of Convenience

Best Picture Editing – Documentary Series
Patrick Carroll – Titanic: Stories From The Deep – Survivor Guilt

Best Picture Editing – Information, Lifestyle or Reality Series
Joel Norn – Backroad Truckers – One Shot

Best Music – Comedy or Variety Program or Series
Paul Furminger – 2020 UBCP/ACTRA Awards Red Carpet Special

Best Picture Editing – Music, Comedy or Variety Program or Series
Lisa Jane Robison – Loudermilk – When I’m Alone

Best Sound – Animation Program
Justin Aucoin – Try to Fly

Best Musical Score – Animation Program
Daniel Seguin – Try to Fly

Best Sound – Animated Series
Maureen Murphy – Lego Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum – Red Skull Rising

Best Picture Editing – Youth or Children’s Program or Series
Kelvin Tseng – An Introvert’s Guide To High School
Simon Davidson – Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave
Gordon Rempel – Upside Down Magic