GOOD NEWS: 2021 CCE Award Nominees

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April 23, 2021
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Congrats to our CCE Award Nominees!

Nominations for the 11th Annual CCE Awards have just been released and we wanted to take this moment to congratulate our VPA members who have been recognized for their talent this year.  

The 11th Annual CCE Awards will be streamed live on June 3, 2021 at 8pm EST.  You must register to attend the ceremony and registration will open in early May.  To find the full list of nominations, as well as learn more about the Lifetime Achievement Award and Career Achievement Award recipients, please click here.


Best Editing in a Documentary Short Film
Jason Schneider – Martha

Best Editing in a Live Action Family Series or MOW
Gordon Rempel – Upside-Down Magic
Justin Li – The Astronauts
Justin Li – The Healing Powers of Dude

Best Editing in MOW / Mini-Series
Lisa Binkley – Zombies 2

Best Editing in Web Series / Digital Content
Jon Anctil – 50 States of Fright: Red Rum (Colorado) – Part 1
Justin Li – 50 States of Fright: Almost There (Iowa) – Part 3
Sabrina Pitre – 50 States of Fright: 13 Steps to Hell (Washington) – Part 2