VPA & Canadian Cinema Editors Promotion

December 10, 2020
Featured Member: David Scott Titus
November 16, 2020
Featured Member: Jane Diokpo
December 20, 2020

The VPA and CCE (Canadian Cinema Editors) are pleased to announce a 25% membership discount to all NEW members who enroll in both organizations.


All current VPA members who sign up for the CCE for the first time will be entitled to 25% off their first year of CCE Associate membership. Current members of the CCE who sign up for the VPA shall receive the 25% discount on their first year of VPA Professional or Associate membership.

If you aren’t currently a CCE member, but would like to join, please email a.dowler@cceditors.ca to set up your account.

This discount is available from Dec 1, 2020, to Feb 28, 2021.

For more info on the Canadian Cinema Editors, click here.

The Canadian Cinema Editors is a professional, educational and cultural association. Our aim is to spark passion in us all and bring recognition to those who create the last draft of the story by weaving a mosaic of picture and sound in the cutting rooms across Canada.