2020-2021 Board of Directors

The VPA is a non-profit society of BC, established on November 6, 2013 by an all volunteer founding board of directors and elected officers.  Before becoming official, the board existed as an ad hoc steering committee in the prior year working towards the creation of the organization.  Directors are elected to a term of two years, with at least 50 percent of the directors being elected in even-numbered years and no more than 50 percent of directors being elected in odd-numbered years.  Current board members are:

Kerry McDowall

Kerry McDowall has been working in Vancouver’s post-production sector for over 17 years, working closely with Netflix, Disney, MGM, CBC and AMC Studios and NBCUniversal. As an Associate Producer, she leads post production departments on both series television and feature length film, overseeing everything from budgets to final deliveries (and everything that occurs in between).

She is currently the sitting chair on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Post Alliance and dedicates her energy at the VPA to uniting our talented post production community and advocating for equity and inclusion in the broader film industry.


Don Thompson


Don's Post Production experience includes work as a Facility Owner/Executive, Post Supervisor and Editor for over 30 years with Finale Post (Picture Shop Vancouver) and its related companies. His credits include a wide range of feature, television, commercials, music videos, and cutting-edge documentaries.

He is actively involved in the Production and Post Production community in Vancouver, and frequently travels to LA for industry relations, marketing and sales initiatives with the major studios, networks and production companies.

Don currently sits on the Board of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association (MPPIA), the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia (Leo Awards), is a Founding Director of the Vancouver Post Alliance (VPA), Founder of the Vancouver Creative Lounge, and past Chair of the Whistler Film Festival.

He is also proud of the recent work he is doing as a member of the BC Motion Picture Industry COVID-19 Best Practices Coalition and as Chair of the BC Post Production Health & Safety Task Force.

Don is passionate about seeing Vancouver’s post production community reach its full potential, and looks forward to continuing to contribute to the success of its workforce and facilities.


Rick Cederlund

Rick has made a career in the Post Production, Production and Broadcast sectors in BC since 1982. Over his career, Rick has moved from engineering to operations management while working with CTV, Shooters, Finale, Image Engine, NWFX and ultimately serving as VP Operations/Co-GM at Deluxe. Currently Rick is President of Practical Post Consulting and represents SohoNet, a managed fibre networking company, in the Vancouver area. As a founding member of the VPA, Rick has sat as Vice Chair on the board since its inception and heads the Events Committee.

Brendan Smith


Brendan is the director of post production for Omnifilm. His 20 years of audio and video post production management experience helps him find the best solutions for the varied projects Omnifilm works on throughout the year. Whether it’s a feature film, documentary, drama or factual TV series, or your first short film, Brendan ensures a great post experience delivered with a smile. When not creating post workflows, managing projects and providing tech support he enjoys diving deep into the 4K and beyond post abyss. Yes, he does get outside. Brendan can also be found enjoying a motorcycle ride, taking a hike or photos around Vancouver.

Miguel Araujo

Miguel started his career in 2009, as a sound designer for an advertising facility in South Africa. After three years of developing his skills, he made his move to North America where he completed his 4th audio-focused diploma, with distinction, at Vancouver Film School. Since 2013, he has accumulated 92 credits in film and television across multiple disciplines, such as ADR/dialogue supervision, dialogue editing, ADR mixing and re-recording mixing. Miguel is an active member of the VPA, ATAS and MPSE, where he also currently holds a board seat. Since 2016, he and his team have put together numerous educational events, aiming to strengthen the post sound community in Vancouver.


Buket Biles


Buket is a Post Coordinator/Supervisor who draws on her experience from working across multiple departments of Post Production for over 15 years.

Her interest in post started in the first year of university, when she followed her passion in picture and sound editing as well as post supervising. After freelancing and managing an award-winning sound studio in her hometown of Istanbul, she moved to Vancouver in 2013, where she has since worked on a wide range of projects both in management and editorial teams. Her most recent work is the first season of Snowpiercer.

Buket’s journey with the VPA began in 2015 when she volunteered for the Events Committee and joined the VPA board in 2018. During her time as a director, she continued to work with events, support the Membership Committee, and was an integral forming member of the Mentorship Committee as well as the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Buket understands that the VPA provides a much-needed platform for our community to stay connected. As our growing community is becoming more and more diverse every day, she believes it is important to create equal opportunities for all genders, ages, ethnicities and abilities. She has a passion for promoting engagement with a more diverse community and giving voice to those who deserve greater representation.

Humberto Corte


Humberto Corte is a Sound Designer working in TV and Film. He started his career over 10 years ago in Mexico City, where he worked at several Post Production studios specializing in commercials and TV shows. In 2010, he moved to Vancouver and spent a couple of years networking and creating sound for all kinds of projects. Thanks to this, he was able to form his company, Parlante Sound, and start working on larger scale projects such as TV series and feature films.

Humberto believes the Post Production industry in Vancouver has amazing talent to offer and that we need to keep pushing to grow and create opportunities that bring creators from all around the globe to our city.



Jason Hujber


Jason is an award winning editor with over 23 years of experience in the film and television industry. He has been an active member of the BC film community since moving here in 2009, and his most recent editing credits include "Pup Academy" and "Mystery 101: An Education in Murder."


Trevor Mirosh


When Trevor isn’t finding the magic in film footage from other film projects, he’s filming his own. Trevor is an award winning filmmaker who has vast editing experience in both feature films and television. He continues to shape his editing style through genre, action and drama films. Wherever you are located, Trevor can execute your project while keeping collaboration intact. Among his many career highlights Trevor has worked with editor Dede Allen (Breakfast Club, Dog Day Afternoon, Bonnie and Clyde). In addition to working on the membership committee with the Vancouver Post Alliance, Trevor also serves as the British Columbia chair for CCE (Canadian Cinema Editors).


Sabrina Pitre


A native of Toronto, Sabrina moved out to BC to attend UBC's film production program. After earning her BFA, she landed her first job in the industry working in Post Production back in 2006 and has since risen to become an established Editor within the film community.

She has been a member of IATSE, ACFC, CCE, WIFTV, and of course, the VPA for a number of years now.


Scott Watson


With over 25 years of experience in the feature film industry, Scott Watson stands for excellence in post production. From his earliest days in the business, the potent combination of technology, creativity, entertainment and constant change proved to be an enticing draw that continues to resonate with him today. Scott’s experience in facility management, distribution, post supervision and producing have led him to work with a number of Hollywood studios including Disney, Fox, Sony, Universal and Netflix. As a founding member of the VPA, Scott is a believer in the value and strength of bringing the post community together. He’s a passionate evangelist of high quality entertainment and looks forward to assisting the next generation of filmmakers navigate this fascinating and rewarding industry.


Tyler Wiess


Tyler is a VFX producer with over 10 years of leadership experience in Vancouver’s digital production industry, and has worked with some of the world’s largest entertainment companies across a multitude of media platforms and genres.

Tyler was a co-founder of a creative agency, which led to the world of production management. He has overseen projects for clients, such as Microsoft Xbox, Electronic Arts, Activision, Square Enix, and he has produced VFX for the Emmy-nominated TV shows The 100 and The Man in the High Castle through Zoic Studios. Tyler joined Image Engine to produce Seasons 6, 7 and 8 of HBO’s acclaimed series Game of Thrones.

He is now Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Vancouver Centre for Entertainment Arts.



Keith White


From way back when, recording jingles for radio and tv advertising, Keith is now 20 years into a sound career. For the last 9 years, he's headed up his own business providing post sound services for film, TV and advertising.  Collaborating with predominantly remote clients has offered him a wide range of experiences and opportunities which have led to mixing films at Skywalker, Warner Bros and Dolby headquarters in San Francisco. Furthermore, Keith was the first to have a Dolby Atmos set up here in Vancouver and in 2018 was Emmy nominated for Outstanding Post Sound.


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