New Enhanced VPA Membership Option For Post Production Professionals

The VPA is pleased to announce the creation of a new corporate membership level for small businesses with one to three employees.

Until now, there have been four membership types for the VPA: Professional (for individuals working in the many post production sub-sectors); Corporate (companies providing services in a post production related field); Student (individuals attending a film, television or media program), and Associate (individuals new to the industry or working in other sectors but who do business with post production individuals and companies).

As the VPA has matured and the post production industry has evolved, it has become obvious that having just one corporate membership option for post professionals is not enough.  Now, more than ever, our industry is filled with independent contractors and freelancers, operating small companies or sole proprietorships.

With this in mind, we’ve created a new membership category called Corporate-B, which will go live on February 1.  The current Corporate membership has been redesignated as Corporate-A.

Your Corporate-B membership will cost $250, compared to a Professional membership at $100.  If you choose to upgrade your membership level from Professional to Corporate-B, you’ll get your logo on a special VPA web page with a link to your website.  You’ll also receive an invitation to an exclusive corporate-members-only event each year, designed to help you expand your network to grow your business.  In addition, you’ll receive a free plus-one invitation to the annual Summer BBQ and Holiday party.  The total value of these extras is more than the cost to upgrade!

Thank you for your continued support of the VPA!

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