2014 Holiday Message From the Chair

Monday, December 01, 2014 14:09 | Randy Egan

Dear Post Production Community,


It all started two and a half years ago. A steering committee of industry leaders got together and decided we needed a place to celebrate, grow and continue to professionally develop our post production community & talent in British Columbia.  To emerge out of the dark cutting rooms, mixing stages and theatres as a collective voice for Post Production.


The first  year and a half was spent meeting regularly as we envisioned & defined the strength we could have  together.  We went through the process of incorporating as a non-profit society, creating the infrastructure of a founders’ steering committee, communications to our community, and forming an events committee, marketing committee, sponsorship committee and membership committee.


It has been a little over a year now that the Vancouver Post Production Alliance has been officially incorporated and we have so much to be proud of.


We have close to 150 members, corporate and individual Professionals, Vendors and Students & growing.  There are 100’s of colorists, editors, sound mixers, dailies technicians, composers, data / it wranglers, supervisors, coordinators, artists in our community and our goal is to continue to build momentum & membership.  We want to help mentor our new generations and grow our digital talent in British Columbia, a sector that has been the foundation of our film & TV industry in BC for 40 years.  It was Post Production that created the labs that processed millions of feet of film as the US Studios brought their Feature Films & TV series to our province, a training ground for much of our leadership and talent today.  Our industry needed the labs in order for the work to come to our production community.  As 16mm & 35mm were a foundation in the beginning, the digital age is our opportunity for the future and our time to lead together.  To seize the opportunity in British Columbia to Create, Shoot and Finish digital content until it hits the screens, whatever screen that may be.


Thank- you to every member who has committed to joining!


I’d like to thank our tireless board of founding members for their commitment, heart & soul and sincere passion for the future of Post Production in our province: Rick Cederlund, Jonathan Shore, Randy Egan, Manny Periera, Paul Sharpe, Don Thompson, Scott Watson, Menashe Arbel, James Ilecic, Bradley Goodman & Curtis Staples. 


In February,  we had our inaugural social, with 150 in attendance.  In June,  we held a Town Hall meeting and launched a Health Benefits Plan for our members. This health plan is something we are very proud to have secured and launched,  as many members with families have not had access to extended Health Benefits as freelancers up until now.  Having this is part of creating a community that supports one another. In October, we had a well attended Fall Social. And Finally,  in early December we had our first Professional Development Event, “Exploring the 6K Workflow on David Fincher’s Gone Girl” where our members and others from the community filled the Vancity Theatre. 


These Events take much attention to detail, planning and preparation to happen.  Tracy Hillman came on board in the Fall to help the events committee as our events planner.  Thank-you Tracy for your talents, time and commitment.  Thank-you to all our sponsors whose presence and financial contribution made each event possible.

Shout out to Adobe, HP, Quantum Store Next, Open Drives, Annex Pro, Applied Electronics, Fusion Cine, Finale & Encore.  Your presence & technological leadership are part of our professional development together.

To all our amazing volunteers this year!  Your enthusiasm, time, and energy kicks our pulse up many notches. It is YOU that WE want to grow with.  You are our future. Thank-you! Keep engaging and getting involved.


I’d also like to thank the Motion Picture Industry Association who has been a voice of leadership for the entire Film & TV industry for many years. 

Peter Leitch, MPPIA Chair and the entire board have been a huge advocates & champions of Post Production as a key ingredient of our industry.


To Creative BC, thank-you for celebrating our creative talents in British Columbia, that include Post Production.  You do this everyday, worldwide.


And a special Thank-you to Crawford Hawkins for your wisdom, guidance in our beginnings and knowledge of history of Post Production in our province.

It is a colorful history that cannot be forgotten as we move into the future.


And Finally,  to the Government of British Columbia, with whom we have worked closely with over these last couple of years and whom have made a platform commitment to include Post Production in DAVE. This process has been one of defining what is post production for our digital future and making sure we cover all the picture & sound activities that stand the test of time together. We thank-you for your partnership, support and investment in the Industry as a whole.  We look forward to creating many digital Post Production jobs for British Columbians together in 2015!


This is a time of excitement and promise. The dollar is in our favor, we have a 2.5 hour proximity to LA, we have incredible established world class & emerging creative talent in our own Domestic filmmaking community, we have a co-production treaties with countries all over the world including China, India & Europe.  Our crews are favored the world over, and unlike other sectors, our industry works together consistently on all levels: from businesses, to studios, VFX & Post Production vendors, producers, unions, & government to improve our competitive advantage.


Happy Holidays to each & everyone of you. Enjoy your families & friends and let’s all come back in January and take on 2015 together! Create, Shoot & Finish in BC!


Suzanne Thompson (Chair)

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