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2017 Board of Directors

The VPA is a non-profit society of BC, established on November 6, 2013 by an all volunteer founding board of directors and elected officers who serve for an annual term. Before becoming official, the board existed as an ad hoc steering committee in the prior year working towards the creation of the organization. The board members are:
Rick Cederlund

Lindsay Elizabeth Donovan

Randy Egan

Brad Goodman
Phil Klapwyk

Debby Jenkins

Kerry McDowall

Emanuel Pereira

Nicole Ratcliffe

Vince Renaud

Lisa Robison

Jonathan Shore

Don Thompson
Suzanne Thompson

Pictured at the 2017 VPA Holiday Celebration from left to right: 
Nicole Ratcliffe • Emanuel Pereira • Jonathan Shore • Rick Cederlund • Brad Goodman • Suzanne Thompson • 
Debby Jenkins • Randy Egan • Lindsay Elizabeth Donovan • Vince Renaud (missing Kerry McDowall, Don Thompson, Phil Klapwyk & Lisa Robison) 

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